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High performance, powerful

High starting Torque, Powerful Drive and easy setting

High starting Torque

Improved Sensorless Vector Control and Auto Tuning voltage suppress function produce high starting torque of 200% or more at 0.3Hz.* 1 Easy setup of motor constants
Ideal for applications which need high torque, such as cranes, extruders and lifts

Hitachi exclusive 0Hz Domain sensorless vector control

Develops 150%*2 torque at 0Hz speed reference Ideal for cranes and other applications that require high torque at starting.
*2 when inverter is one frame size larger than motor..


Position Control Function

The SJ700, with optional feedback board installed, together with an encoder-equipped motor can perform position control.

For many applications, suitable performance can be achieved at a lower cost than servo systems. Based on your four motion parameters (position command, speed command, acceleration time and deceleration time), the SJ700 will move an object from original position A to target position B. After the movement, the inverter keeps servo lock status.

Trip avoidance function

Over current & Improved Sensorless Vector Control and Auto Tuning voltage suppress function

Higher internal calculation speed improves current control performance. Over-current suppress and Over-voltage suppress functions avoid inverter trip during acceleration and deceleration.


DC Bus AVR Function During Deceleration

The SJ700 controls deceleration time so that the DC bus voltage does not exceed the over-voltage trip level, providing trip-less operation during deceleration.