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Pursuing the Ideal Compact Inverter

Industry-leading Levels of Performance

High starting torque of 200% or greater achieved 
by sensorless vector control (when sized for heavy duty).

Integrated auto-tuning function for easy sensorless vector control realizes high torque suitable for applications requiring it such as crane hoists, lifts, elevators, etc


Speed regulation at low-speed is greatly improved. – Fluctuation is 1/2* compared with the previous model. –

Speed regulation at low speed has been drastically improved to enhance process stability and precision.

Trip avoidance functions

Minimum time deceleration function, over-current suppress function and DC bus AVR function are incorporated. The functions reduce nuisance tripping. Improved torque limiting/current limiting function enables a load limit to protect machine and equipment

Simple positioning control
(when feedback signal is used)

When simple positioning function is activated, speed control operation or positioning control operation is selectable via intellient input. While the [SPD] input is ON, the current position counter is held at 0. When [SPD] is OFF, the inverter enters positioning control operation and the position counter is active.

Induction motor & Permanent magnetic motor* control with one inverter (corresponds more than Ver.2.0)

The WJ200 inverter can drive both induction motors (IM) and permanent magnetic motors (PM). Energy conservation and miniaturization can be achieved using PM motors. Moreover, one inverter used for two types of motor