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Variable Frequency Drive

Simple, Trip-less and Eco-friendly Compact Inverter!

Environment-friendly Inverter

RoHS compliance for all models

Integrated EMC Filter

Integrated EMC filter saves cost and space. (European version only) 
Single-phase input: EN61800-3 cat.C1
Three-phase input : EN61800-3 cat.C2

Safety Stop Function

Shuts down the inverter outputs by hardware, bypassing the CPU, to achieve a reliable safe stop function. EN954-1:1997,category3,EN60204-1:1997category0

Improved Trip Avoidance Function

Over current and over voltage trip suppression function is incorporated.
This function reduces nuisance inverter tripping. 

The X200 decelerates and stops the motor using regenerative energy from the motor on AC power loss.

Non-stop operation at IPF

Allows for smooth restart when an IPF (Instantaneous Power Failure) occurs. This is especially useful in fan and pump applications.

Automatic Energy-saving Function

The X200 delivers realtime energy-saving operation for your fan and pump applications. This function insures that motor operates at inimum current in response to the tor ue re uired by the load.

Micro Surge Voltage suppress function

Hitachi original PWM control method limits motor terminal voltage to less than twice the inverter DC bus voltage - lower than Hitachi motor maximum insulation voltage (1250V). (During regeneration, the motor terminal voltage may exceed the maximum insulation voltage(1250V))

Network Compatibility

A serial RS-485 Modbus/RTU port is standard

Side-by-side installation

Inverters can be installed with no space between them to save space in the panel.

Versatile Functions

True analog monitor output (10-bit, 0-10 VDC) ow load detection
External thermistor terminal (PTC) Cooling-fan on/off Instantaneous power failure recovery Second motor setting 3-wire control Analog Input selection Second acceleration/deceleration setting ogging Auto- carrier fre uency reduction Unattended start protection (USP) Analog input wire-brea detection Network Compatibility A serial RS-485 Modbus/RTU port is standard

Global Performance

Conformity to global standards CE, U , c-U and c-Tic approvals