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Basic Model

The Hitachi RX2 Series basic model is a 3 line printer, categorized as a non-contact marking system, prints variable product information directly on various substrates.

The lJ printer is capable of marking and coding various product materials such as metals, plastics, rubbers, films and papers.

The Hitachi RX2-BD160W series offers the consumer superior print quality, reliability and overall performance

Userfriendly Operation

Easy operation and maintenance

Equipment improvements in the cabinet design allows for easier access to circlution and eletrical cabinets for more efficient field installations and routine preventive maintenance.

Brighter and clear touch screen

The actual print message layout is displayed on the screen(WYSIWYG). The printer function buttons are displayed as icons to assist in understanding the button feature.

Various parameters,such as the line configuration and font size,can easily set on a single screen.

Versatile Equipment Compatibility

Capable of remote connectivity with external equipment.

RS-232C compatible transmission speed uoto 115 kbps.(Option)

Usable for various external devices by using an I/O interface for PNP/NPN