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High Speed Coding

  • The PXR-H450W printer is capable of printing on high speed lines.
  • It can match speeds upto 150m/min for 2 line printing
  • Printing on Cables , beverages cans etc are some of the applications the PXR-H is capable.

The sPXR-H is 

Higher print speed & print quality

  • PXR High speed model has a Maximum print rate uptp 3,173 characters/s (Nozzle size:55µm, Font 5x5,space 1, 1 line)


Integration of High-tech and state-of-the-art design

  • Various coding functions are available.(Date/time automatic update,calender substitution,basic numbering)
  • User-friendly coding functions like Recall/registration,reciprocation printing,speed follow-up etc
  • Help functions are available( User help messages,log management function,password function)