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White Pigment Ink Printer

  • The PXR-P460W pigment IJ printer allows for good contrast and adhesion on a broad range of dark surface products.
  • The PXR-P model is the world's first IJ printer with Large color LCD Touch Panel( 10.4 inch).


Easier Operation and Maintenance


  • The newly developed ink circulation system makes operation and maintenance the same as with inkjet printers for non-pigmented ink.
  • The ink circulation system includes an automatic intermittent mechanical stirring system system using a specially designed magnetic stirrer to maintain precise pigment suspension.
  • In specially designed pump has an extended life with pigment ink.
  • The ink filter in the newly developed ink system is easy to replace.

More Reliability

  • Full protection against dust and water jets in harsh environment (IP 55)
  • ​New viscosity control and current ink density control help to achieve stable drop formation and high quality printing.
  • Improved ink circulation system provides more stable ink return.
  • More wide operating temperature 0 - 40C ( JP- W73).The use of a PCMCIA card ensures safe data storage.

Integration of High-tech and state-of-the-art design

  • Ease and quick operation by large color liquid crystal touch panel. Edit message screen can be set to ABC or QWERTY format.
  • Nozzle and gutter are automatically cleaned before stopping.
  • Small footprint and light.
  • Solvent evaporation is reduced by the ink return system which confines the mixing of air and ink.
  • Various printing fuctions are available.( Line mixture and font mixture,creation of user patterns,barcode printing etc)